For Immediate Release: The Artist Sustainability Project Presents - The Red Herring

Coming Soon... Drawing attention to recession times the piece is called “The Red Herring: cé nest pas un a restaurant,” inspired by the Magritte painting, “This is not a pipe.” In a time when we are all talking about creating jobs, the work is a performative sculpture activated by the patrons, presented in a five-course restaurant style experience including video and live character actors.

The Red Herring takes us to the dinner table, a place that brings people together; an environment that can encourage some of the best creative solutions. As a visual artist who holds a deep love for food and cooking, I aim to alter the context of the restaurant experience through a visual free verse. By creating an opportunity to collaborate creatively with my community though both food and art I hope to reinvent modes of survival and shift perspectives about the current economic situation.

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$200 Prix Fix Menu Paired With Wine For Two


Venetian-style sweet and sour sardines with raisons, onions, and pine nuts marinated in a vinaigrette over night and served with chewy crusty bread


Thick cut maple smoked bacon wrapped Iranian dates


Mixed greens, baby spinach, pears, fresh berries, walnuts, red wine soaked onion, and sherry vinaigrette garnished with crumbled goat cheese and black sesame seeds


Beef tenderlion braised in red wine, garlic, onions, and a bouquet garni, with pearl onions and mushrooms served on a bed of handmade pasta garnished with fresh herbs


A choux pastry cut in half and filled with vanilla bean ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and pistachios


As always, there will be a personalized art object made exclusively for The Hideaway Patrons.

Hope to see you there!


All funds support Space Invader: An Artist Sustainability Project

The Hideaway pays for rent, utilities, and food costs for the Artist Sustainability Project

Thursday, January 14, 2010

From January's Prix Fix Menu

Organic chicken stew with sauteed garlic, onion,raisons, potatoes, and spices served over sour barberry saffron infused basmati rice along with mast kiar and fresh herbs.


  1. My husband I are were proud to present both the Morg Tanoori and Morg Fessenjan to our dinner guests Saturday night. They and we were delighted with our delicious meal. It was especially exotic and festive to serve from your beautiful clay pots. (We successfully followed your simple re-heat instructions.) The rice, yogurt and herb side dishes were colorful and very tasty as well! And of course the baklava! We all ate too much, and yet we didn't finish everything! Tonight's leftovers were too yummy!

    I will look forward to next month's offering and, of course, we will share your project with other foodie friends.

    Best regards and keep up the fine work - I mean artistry!

    Mary Dempsey

  2. Yuuuuum! We just got done with our dinner and it was awesome! The chicken in the Morg Tanoori had a succulent bite with flavors of the spices tasting just right. The combo of the dried fruit and potatoes provided a really nice contrast. The Mast Kiar was good too but I'm raving about the chicken. It was nice to come home at the end of the day to an amazing meal, with a homemade touch. Oh, I can't comment on the Baklava beacause I had no room left. Wow! What an amazing deal!
    Heinrich T.

  3. I feel lucky to have been able to sample the Persian meals available on The Hideaway's menu while it was established in Asheville (since there are no Persian restaurants here.) The food is so comforting and delicious. I'm happy to see The Hideaway has taken on new life in KC. Best of Luck!